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Getting An E2 Visa While You Are In the US

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A visa is your first step to legitimizing your citizenship in the US. Getting your E2 visa while in the US is easy with the help of an immigration lawyer. 

If you are an investor, it can be easy for you to operate within the US when having an E2 visa. Citizens of different nations with which the United States has trade agreements may apply for an E-2 visa. This also refers to the “Treaty Investor Visa.” 

With an E2 visa, applicants can come to the US to launch a business. If you have a sizable amount of money and are a citizen of a treaty nation, you might be qualified for an E2 visa in the US. If you are in Austin TX, you can ask for help from an Austin immigration lawyer throughout the process. They can help you with ease in securing your visa. 

Applying For E2 Visa While In the US

The application for E2 Visa is not only possible within the US but also outside the state. It is only equally beneficial for you to apply while you are in the US. 

If you are lawfully residing in the US, you may submit a petition for nonimmigrant workers on Form I-129 directly to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Along with the form, you must submit your investment strategy. The application procedure typically takes five months. However, depending on your circumstances, this time frame might be either shorter or longer.

Updated fees for filing Form I-129 are on the USCIS website. Do note that premium express service is available at an extra cost. Your petition will be processed within 15 calendar days if you use this service. However, keep in mind that this is only done to shorten the processing time and does not affect your chances of being approved.

Benefits Of Having An E2 Visa

The E2 visa will definitely bring you various benefits. However, the process of going to it is highly legal, especially with the documents needed to be accomplished. Hence, an immigration lawyer in Austin TX can help you successfully undertake the whole process. 

Your E-2 visa will be issued and will be good for two years. You might be given a renewal after this time that is good for an additional two years.

Moreover, the ability to legally conduct business in the United States while simultaneously working for that company is one of the most important advantages of an E-2 visa. Regardless of how established the company is or how new it is, you must play a significant part in it.

Under the terms of an E-2 dependent visa, your children who are younger than 21 may enroll in the local educational system. They can apply for a new visa when they are 21 and pursue employment or higher education opportunities in the US. This also means that you can reside in the US as a grant of this visa. You may ask for a stay extension as long as you have an E-2 visa. You can live in the country and carry on with your business as long as your extensions are granted, regardless of your citizenship or green card status.

Criteria For Securing An E2 Visa

Before you can apply for an E2 visa, there are several criteria for eligibility. You should seek counsel from an immigration lawyer as soon as you plan to apply for one. If you are in Austin TX, the Lincoln-Goldfinch law can help you have access to skillful lawyers that can make your visa process at ease. They can enlighten you about the different grounds and the nature of an E2 visa for you to be aware of. 

You must fulfill certain requirements if you intend to move to the US on an E2 Visa. The law stipulates primary requirements for applying. 

  • The investment you have shall be sizable. It must not be too small or the company must not be low-end.
  • Capable of transferring and surviving to the US to manage a company.
  • Ability to prove your source of funds and ensure that you are able to sustain it. 
  • You should be from a country in which the US has a trade agreement.

An Immigration Lawyer Is Your Ally

For some, the immigration process can be the proverbial labyrinth. You can easily get lost through the voluminous documents you need to comply with, and you may feel that your efforts are wasted. Still, others get entangled when difficult situations come up.

But the good thing about US immigration is that there are guides to the maze, after all! In Texas, these are your immigration lawyer in Austin TX. At Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, bi-lingual immigration attorneys are at hand to ensure that you are well taken care of. Their legal team is always on the lookout on how to get your E2 Visa in the fastest and most cost-efficient way possible.

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