How can Ubuntu help your business?

Ubuntu help your business

If you are searching for a way to manage everything from network security to individual devices and software on a single, open-source platform, then Ubuntu is certainly an option worth considering.  However, given that it is arguably the only system of its kind, it is worth understanding exactly what Ubuntu is, what it offers, and how it could help your business.

Firstly, Ubuntu is an operating system that is mostly made up of free, open-source software and services. It is built on the Linux platform – which essentially enables countless users from around the globe to run programs generated by open-source software that can be acquired free of charge. 

Ubuntu is one of the most popular iterations of Linux and shares with it a common philosophy that is prevalent throughout the Linux community. This is a belief in freedom – allowing users not only to download software and other products for free but to edit the code themselves and build their own projects on top of it. 

Sounds compelling? Then read on to find out how it could benefit your business:

Ubuntu is free

The headline benefit of Ubuntu (especially for a business) is that it is both free to use and download software. This makes it far easier to justify experimenting with than if you had to spend hundreds of dollars trying to access the platform and then purchase specific products. In fact, you can be far more liberal with the programs you try because there is no risk attached to them.

As a result, you could easily hit upon a system that works perfectly for your business that you might never otherwise have discovered.  Of course, this cost-saving frees up the capital to invest elsewhere in your business – such as by hiring an expert who can help you with SEO for lead generation.

It is flexible to use

Another interesting reason why Ubuntu could be useful for your company is that it is flexible to use. It requires little specific training to get acquainted with the platform, and you can always try it without any strings attached. 

The operating system itself can be personalized entirely to the specific requirements of your business, depending on the programs you install and how you use them.  In fact, because Linux and Ubuntu are open-source software, your IT team can go into the coding and edit as they see fit, making the system fit like a glove to your unique requirements.

It can improve security

Given the fact that Ubuntu has no major viruses or bugs, it can improve the security of your corporate devices and desktops. In an age of remote working, having all your team members collaborating on a safe network that is completely controllable gives you the peace of mind that regardless of where they are working, the system will keep functioning correctly.

It makes it easier to manage your IT estate

The innate flexibility of Ubuntu makes it simple to control your IT estate from a centralized location. As workforces increasingly transition to a hybrid model, this is a particularly useful benefit. What’s more, the system interface is easy to navigate and attractive, making it a pleasant place for you and your workforce to work.

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