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How Do You Fix The Xbox One Won’t Update Problem? Easy Steps

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Generally, updating the system on your Xbox and a home video game console doesn’t cause any issues. But what if your Xbox One refuses to update? 

You should take quick action if your Xbox One won’t update, as it’s not a good idea to keep your system outdated. Don’t worry! In this blog, we will discuss fixing your Xbox under the guidance of a console repairs expert in Birmingham. Stick around!

Steps To Fix Non-Updating Xbox One

The process to fix an Xbox One is as follows:

  • Power Cycle Your Xbox One

Restarting the Xbox One might resolve a number of its issues. Ensure you perform a console power cycle before repairing the console in Birmingham. Holding down the Power button will cause the system to shut off. Restart the console and look for any issues. 

  • Check For Error

Occasionally, an Xbox One can seem to be downloading the update but cannot complete the installation. Additionally, there can be an error code attached. This code could hold the key to finding the issue’s resolution.

Make a quick Google search after noting the error message, code, or both. For problems with system updates, you may also check out the Xbox troubleshooting website.

  • Run An Internet Connection Test

You may perform a quick Internet connection test to determine whether your connection has an issue. Simply do the following steps:

– Press the Xbox button on the controller to access the instructions, 

-Select Settings.

-Click on All Settings.

– Choose a network.

– Choose Network Configuration.

-Go to the right side of the Network Settings screen and select Test network connection.

-Wait for the test to finish. 

The test should tell you if there’s a problem with your connection and thus lead to deciding whether you should take professional console repair Birmingham services.

  • Delete And Redownload Your Profile

Updates may occasionally fail due to a corrupted gaming profile. See if it helps to try deleting and redownloading your profile. Here’s how to do it:

-Press the Xbox button on the controller to access the instructions.

-Select Settings.

– Choose System Preferences.

-Select All Devices>Storage>Gamer Profiles.

-Press on the gamertag you wish to remove.

-Press Delete.

-Press Just Delete Profile. 

Rest assured; this choice will only remove your profile—your saved games and achievements will remain intact.

  • Refresh The System Cache.

You may also clear the system cache to guarantee that the Xbox One utilises a new cache. Take the actions listed below:

-Press the Xbox One’s Power button to turn the device off.

-Remove the power cable from the back of the device after your Xbox One has shut down.  Ensure the power cord is unplugged from the wall socket and the back of the console.

-Reconnect the power cable to the Xbox One console and the wall outlet after a minute.

-Wait for one more minute. Look for a little white light on the Xbox One’s power brick, which is the rectangular portion of the power cable; if you’re using an original Xbox One instead of an Xbox One S or One X.

After the white light changes to orange, you can restart your Xbox One. After using it, simply wait a minute and turn on your Xbox One S or One X.

  • Try Using Wired Connection

The next step towards repairing your console in Birmingham is to use a wired connection. If you have Wi-Fi, you might connect your Xbox One via cable.

To connect the console directly to your router or modem with an Ethernet connection, move it closer to them. Before rechecking for the issue, verify the connection once again, as instructed in Step 3.

  • Reset The Console

You can attempt resetting your Xbox One if it is not updating. You may experiment with two different kinds of resets. There are two options: Reset and Delete, or Reset and Save My Apps and Games. 

Use the methods listed below to reset your Xbox One.

-Press the Xbox button on the controller to access the instructions.

-Select Settings.

-Go to All Settings.

-Choose System.

-Press on Console details & updates.

-Choose Console Reset.

You should first attempt to ‘Reset and Save My Apps and Games.’ Try the Reset and Delete Everything option if it doesn’t resolve the issue.

Causes of Xbox One Update Errors

There might be several reasons that Birmingham’s console repair experts share why your Xbox One isn’t updating. Among the main reasons are:

  • There’s a hardware problem with your console.
  • The internet has been cut off from your Xbox One.
  • A problem in the active gamer profile might stop an update from installing.
  • The cache may get corrupted.
  • There is nothing on your hard disk.


Updating your Xbox One shouldn’t cause you any problems, usually. However, issues might occasionally arise with this system, like others.

We hope that at least one of these fixes will allow you to upgrade your Xbox One and prevent any more problems. If your Xbox still doesn’t update after trying all these steps, you can also get professional repair services in Birmingham for your console from Your Phone Guy LLC


What is error 100 on Xbox?

If even after doing the offline reset, the E100 error is still shown on your console, it sadly points towards a physical fault with the internal hard disk of your console, which requires sending it to Microsoft for warranty service.

How do I update my Xbox One offline?

Attach the USB flash drive containing the offline system update files to an Xbox gaming console USB port. The Xbox Startup Troubleshooter’s Offline system update option activates when the flash drive is attached.

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