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Is Your Kid In 1st Grade Struggling With Studies? Here Are 5 Things That Will Help Them

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All parents want their children to be successful in every aspect of their lives. This may, however, place an unnecessary burden on your child. When your child is in first grade, they have just completed the first step of the school experience. Your child will learn several elementary concepts, formulas, and fundamentals during this year. 

But, you may need to deal with the problem when your child has difficulty with their studies. In fact, even if your child loves school, that does not guarantee they will do well in their studies. In this situation, parental support is crucial. 

Rather than telling your child they aren’t good enough, you should motivate them and help them with their studies. 

So, what are you planning to do to make that happen? 

Are you puzzled? No worries! These following tips are helpful – if you’re not sure what to do:

  • Create a study space

The most effective way to motivate your child to study is to provide them with a proper learning environment. Have you provided your child with an appropriate study table? Next, you need to create a study desk for them that is at eye level and away from all household distractions.

It will be a great help for them in their studies. Furthermore, you can provide them with study supplies like colorful post-its, pencils and pens, scratch paper, and highlighters. Do not put boundaries on that space, and let them arrange and decorate it as they see fit. Ultimately, having a comfortable environment is essential to their study success.

  • Avoid cramming

A child should never be allowed to develop the habit of cramming lessons into their heads. It’s a bad habit not worth starting. Their recall ability also gets affected when they cram. They won’t remember the lessons. In contrast, when they clearly understand the concept, it will remain etched in their minds for a long time.

It is your responsibility as a parent to help them structure a study schedule and give them time to practice different aspects of the study program. The parent should also ask their child to take a break after a specific time – so they will be more focused and productive.

  • Focus on learning instead of grades

It’s no secret that grades are a priority nowadays, but if you want your child to learn things instead of just cramming, you should focus on their education. The best way to help them improve their study schedule is to observe their learning style and adapt their study schedule accordingly. 

When your child struggles with their studies and does not get good grades, you should focus on their learning. If you want to know what they learned and did in class, you can ask them about their activities in class.

Hiring a tutor for 1st grader can also be beneficial as they will encourage them to learn, not simply push them to get the highest grades. They can identify the weak zones of your kid and help them strengthen their foundation.

  • Do not lecture your child

There is no mistake on the part of your child if they are not getting good grades. It is possible that they are facing some difficulties while studying – or anything else. Instead of lecturing them about their mistakes, you should understand what problems they are experiencing. 

It is your responsibility as a parent to protect your children, but that may lead to lecturing, which is unnecessary. When you give them clear instructions in a kind and relaxed manner – instead of manipulating, scolding, or threatening them to study, they will be more likely to succeed. 

The more you lecture your child, the more likely he or she will become disinterested and not put in any effort to learn.

  • Reading habit

To keep your child interested in the subject, it is important to encourage him or her to read regularly. Reading may be something they like, so it’s important for them. You should set a reading schedule for your kid if you want them to succeed academically. 

In order to do that, they need to be disciplined and taught efficiently. Reading good books at home also creates a positive atmosphere – which makes their home a better place to live in.


Make sure your child does not feel stressed or tense when helping them with their studies. The best way to boost your child’s morale is to encourage them, and this will make their journey much more enjoyable.

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