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Know Everything About Staying In The Sober Living Facility

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Most of us know about Rehab treatment facilities, but only a few have an idea about sober living homes. In this guide, we are going to reveal all the details of sober living facilities, how they work, and contribute to the long and healthy sobriety of an individual.

Understanding Sober Living Facility: A Brief Introduction

The sober living facilities are residential facilities for people who are recovering from their drug or alcohol addiction and want a safe place from where they can make a successful transition back to their normal life.

How Sober Living Facility Is Different From The Rehab?  

In the Rehab Treatment Center, residents get extensive care to overcome their addiction which includes medical support, detoxification, and treatment therapy. The Rehab facilities treat acute  drug and alcohol addiction problems. On the other hand, a sober living facility contributes to the long-term healthy recovery of a person post-rehabilitation.

The primary focus of sober living homes is to foster peer support from the people on the same journey and promote accountability and independence while making sure that residents do not consume drugs or alcohol again. These facilities offer formal treatment in a supportive environment where the president gets to learn life-saving tips and tricks to adjust to living an independent life while remaining sober.

Rules To Stay In The Sober Living House 

To make sure that the resident’s priority remains recovery, the sober living facility encompasses certain rules and regulations. While the facilities are not as strict as the Rehab facilities, it is important to follow the guidelines and rules to make sure that everyone remains safe, sober, and healthy. Some of the common rules followed in the sober living homes are:

  1. Residence and guests cannot consume drugs or alcohol.
  2. While staying in the facility, residents must agree to random drug testing for non-using confirmation status.
  3. To take a break from the facility, the resident must have written permission from the manager.
  4. Personal items that could promote drug addiction such as food or medications are not permitted.
  5. Residents must complete their house chores on time. 
  6. During the stay, the resident must attend group meetings and 12-step programs to ensure long-term recovery.
  7. Sexual relationships between the residents are not permitted.
  8. It is important to participate in house meetings and complete the daily tasks.

Why do you need to stay in the sober living facility?

Moving into routine after the Rehab can be daunting tasks and sober living facilities are there to make it a huge success. In the facility, a person gets to meet people who are also engaged in their long-term recovery and become the mutual support.

During the stay, a person gets to live in a secure and safe environment away from any sort of bad Influence, therefore the person can completely focus on their healthy recovery.

Also, residents in sober living homes get an opportunity to effectively manage their responsibilities, learn new skills, and adapt to the routine lifestyle in a good state of physical and mental health.

Take away

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is a long journey, but a sober living home can make it simple. It can help you to make a successful transaction between starting over and staying sober for the rest of your life.

Consider choosing a healthy life, enroll in the sober living program today!

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