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One Touch EMR Software – Benefits and Top Features

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One Touch EMR is an all in one solution for medical practices to streamline all their workflow procedure. Learn more about One Touch EMR in this piece!

One Touch EMR

One-Touch EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical record that helps practices like Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and General Practice manage their clients’ health history. The system can be accessed virtually via mobile devices operating multiple operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

Because OneTouch EMR is an ONC-ATCB Certified system, doctors who desire to qualify for Meaningful Use can utilize it. The system is designed to help physicians get reimbursed by helping them with their overall note-taking skills and providing a virtual Encrypt-and-MAC coding assistant. Online chat, training videos and phone support are all available through One Touch EMR.

Benefits of One Touch EMR software

Physicians can deliver better therapy by having all client data at their disposal. Medical documents keep track of all client visits, medicines, clinical records, medical examinations, and other details. Medical data and charts, particularly linkages to billing, messaging, and other operations, may be relied upon.

Integrated Practice Management

Appointments, supplies, and client care may all be managed in one spot. A sophisticated calendar solution enables doctors to build their schedules around each other using multiple-person perspectives.

They can use enhanced supply and prescription tracking to monitor the progress of orders and stocks. Comprehensive client records are intertwined with the first two, enabling for synthesis and streamlining of care.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Scalable pricing enables practices to decide which services are most important to them and how much they are willing to pay for them.

The free plan includes all essential functions. Higher scales allow for more complicated features such as clinical voice dictation and on-site information storage, as well as the expansion of existing solutions such as e-prescribing and telehealth video

One Touch EMR Features

Claims Scrubbing

OneTouch EMR’s claims scrubbing tool helps you get your insurance claims funded much faster. The programme comes pre-loaded with pertinent ICD codes, making it considerably easier to fill out insurance claims and reducing the risks of making mistakes.

Claims scrubbing ensures that your claims are filed quicker and with less mistakes, reducing the likelihood of them being denied. As a result, your claims are accepted sooner, and you get reimbursed faster!

Lab Integration

One of the most frequently mentioned features in OneTouch EMR evaluations is the lab integration ability. Essentially, the OneTouch EMR lab integration function allows you to have test results transmitted to you immediately so that you may view them right away.

You don’t need a staff member or time to phone the lab and request that the findings be provided to you. The time and money you’ll save with this functionality will quickly offset the cost of the OneTouch EMR.

Because less time is lost, this function greatly improves efficiency. All reports and lab results are kept in one location, which makes it easier to compare progress afterwards.

Client Portal

The Patient Portal in OneTouch EMR is fantastic. It is really well-structured and accomplishes all of the responsibilities expected of it. Not only does the OneTouch EMR Client portal increase patient-doctor contact, but it also allows clinicians to access their whole patient history. A client portal is also utilised to track the client ‘s progress and should be checked.

This function simplifies a lot of things for doctors and patients. Patients can book appointments online, which relieves some of the operational burden. This streamlines and smooths out the entire system. To use the client portal, you will have your own One Touch EMR login password and username that you will get once you have your subscription.

Electronic Prescriptions

The Electronic Prescription function of OneTouch EMR has received a lot of positive feedback. Electronic prescriptions can save you time and allow you to concentrate on more essential tasks. Doctors may submit electronic prescriptions directly to pharmacies with precise dosages and everything using the OneTouch EMR digital prescriptions function.

This feature aids in the process’s efficiency and optimization. Paper consumption is also decreasing. This feature was particularly popular among OneTouch EMR users. They appreciate how simple and convenient this function is for both patients and physicians.

Clinical Summaries

Client encounters are in-depth and include all necessary data to offer doctors with the full picture when making treatment decisions. Client interactions and treatment can be outlined using customised templates for customer history, current ailment, vitals, drugs and allergies, physical exams, and more.

Centralized Dashboards

To help you optimize your process, OneTouch provides a user-friendly interface. With OneTouch EMR’s complete dashboard function, you can monitor your day’s sessions, messages, overdue tests, and Rx refills. You can also see the amount of new clients and bookings on the dashboard. You can also rapidly switch to any position in the EMR with one click.

Furthermore, the dashboard’s daily news section keeps you up to current on important market headlines. On the dashboard, you can review clinical records and demographics before beginning your session. You can also make advantage of the OneTouch EMR Software’s voice-recognition capability.

Outstanding Customer Support

OneTouch EMR is so straightforward to utilize that you can get started right away. If you need help with anything, the organisation offers comprehensive training and support in a variety of forms that are best suited to various types of learners.

You can reach One Touch EMR customer support by phone at any time during office hours to get immediate answers to your complicated and specialised questions. If you prefer to communicate by email, you can send a message to Support@OneTouchEMR.com, and a member of the support team will get back to you as soon as feasible. During normal business hours, the program also offers live chat assistance.

One Touch EMR Pricing

Services are accessible on a subscription basis in addition to one-time installation expenses. OneTouch EMR pricing starts at $199.00 per month. OneTouch EMR also offers a free version.

Final Words!

One touch EMR software is a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for low-cost software systems for your practise. You can easily understand and administer your patient care procedure using the OneTouch EMR Software.

Make a list of software capabilities you’d like to see, and then check to see if the solution you’re considering offers them. Aside from that, rather than reading about One Touch EMR, we suggest scheduling a One Touch EMR demo with the vendor to see it in action.

You can also discover more about the software by reading One Touch EMR reviews. Overall, however, OneTouch EMR software is an excellent solution that could pay off generously in your medical practise.


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