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Sendfox Review: Why Do You Need To Switch On This Email Marketing Tool?

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As our world is digitalizing, the use of the internet and the availability of communication is becoming a norm in our lives.  Everything we can think of is available on the internet. From online shopping to a doctor appointment, everything can be done with the use of the internet. 

More so, after the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year, people tend to get more digitalized because of the lockdowns and being in quarantine. Even schools had become virtual. Seems like every operation of life was commencing through the internet. 

Due to the frequent use of the internet, availability on the digital market is very important to businesses and services.

To help with availability and commercialization, online marketing is used. And the best way to do it is through the use of email marketing tools like SendFox. 

What is SendFox? 

SendFox is an email marketing tool that content creators and businesses use to advertise their products by composing customizable mails and sending them via emails.

SendFox is specially designed for the content creator, YouTubers, Vloggers, Bloggers, Podcasters and provide the freedom of sending unlimited emails through their platform. It also allows sending automated scheduled emails. 

Origin of SendFox 

SendFox is an email marketing tool presented by Noah Kagan, the founder of the online business deals website AppSumo. Appsumo is a marketplace for all companies to present their deals. This platform specializes in digitally delivered services and products. 

The founder, Noah Kagan claims that SendFox was not made to market and compete with other email marketing tools. In fact, it was built as a supporting tool for their AppSumo services, as using other email marketing services cost them a large sum of amount. 

Sendfox is a reliable tool that is not like other typical marketing tools in the market. The interface SendFox uses is relatively very simple and plain than the other top names like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Aweber. 

SendFox features 

  • The simple and user-friendly interface of SendFox is preferred by many bloggers.  
  • There is no limit on the number of emails sent through SendFox. 
  • SendFox also works as a lead-capture tool that enables you to grow your email list. 
  • An automated email is another feature that SendFox offers. This means it sends an instant email to any subscriber joining the email list. 
  • Scheduled emails can also be sent through SendFox. 
  • It also offers to send customizable emails to all subscribers of any new post or blog as soon as the post is made public. 
  • The option of importing contacts from MailChimp is also available. 

Leader in Email Marketing Tool 

For years now, MailChimp has been leading as the most used email marketing tool. There is no doubt that the interface and services of MailChimp are very professional and advanced. 

SendFox VS MailChimp

SendFox VS MailChimp

There are many features in Mailchimp that are still not available in SendFox. But as SendFox is relatively a very new name, there is a lot of potential for SendFox in the coming years. 

The advantage that clearly stands out in favour of SendFox is that they offer a lifetime deal for unlimited automated emails for up to 5000 subscribers. All this at an astonishingly low cost of 49 USD.  

So, if you are comparing SendFox vs MailChimp, the latter is obviously leading the charts due to its years of service, but SendFox definitely has the potential to change that in future. 

Sendfox Review 

The services that SendFox provide are very simple and easy to use, but it also lacks many options in many places. For example, it has only a few options for customizable emails. 

Another drawback of Sendfox is that the triggers are limited for automated emails which means the next email in a series can only be sent if the previous email was viewed. There is no option to set the intervals between the emails. 

SendFox, even along with some of the lacking features, is the best option to use for beginners. It offers a simple interface that is easy to use and is mostly hassle-free to send automated emails through SendFox. 


SendFox is a relatively new name in the email marketing tool market. It uses a simple and easy to use interface that is the best recommendation for beginners.

Some features that SendFox offers include unlimited emails, automated emails, option to import contacts. 

The most amazing thing that SendFox has to offer is that you can have lifetime services of SendFox of unlimited emails for 49 USD. I hope this SendFox review helps you to understand the basic features of this online tool. 

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