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5 Software you need, to run a small business smoothly

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In our modern era, the digital world is getting better synchronized with our reality. It has been incorporated into every sphere of our lives.

As the digital presence grows larger, marketing strategies would need to be revised. So for small businesses, getting along with the software is not only about survival; it’s about advancement too. 

They cut costs effectively, improve customer services drastically and make all the interactions and collaborations less of a burden. So, here are 5 software that can set you up on your journey:

  • Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a collaborative platform that can help any business, especially the small ones. You get access to Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides, Forms, Sites, Meet, Google Currents, Keep, Vault, and Google Workspace Marketplace: all in one place.

You get business email addresses and 5TB storage on Drive for a start. Also, you can create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. There’s 24/7 support if anything goes awry. 

It puts you in charge of your business and every nook and cranny, providing advanced admin controls. And there’s more; you can obtain your documents with the help of any web browser. You can get together in real-time on your documents with anyone (via integrated chat). You also get a complete record of all your edits so that you can acquire or restore anything you want, whenever you want.

Not convinced yet? Well, the deal can get sweeter with a 14-day free trial and pricing that starts from just $6 per month.

  • Slack

If you have team communication in mind, Slack is here to help. It was launched as an internal communication tool for a game developing company in the beginning. But Slack has become a behemoth in its field through the years, garnering over 12 million users from over 150 countries.

It offers real-time messaging and feedback. It was developed to overcome the inefficiencies of emails, and it’s almost there. The software allows you to create channels of communication that can be organized as per a topic, project, or even a client. These channels can be public or private, according to your choice. 

Other than communication, it has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. You can share files, create polls, schedule meetings and conferences, make voice/video calls in one click, create discussion threads for prolonged conversations, and use cloud storage with uncluttered tranquility. 

It does offer a search function, too; no need to inspect piles of emails and notes. The free plan gives you search up to 10,000 messages, 5 GB of storage, and up to 10 third-party integrations. But if you want to get a step further, it offers paid plans starting from $6.67 per month. 

  • SocialQ

If you are in search of an appointment booking app then https://socialq.net/ should be your first choice. It also provides a unique queue management platform for retail and hospitality venues. It seamlessly merges bookings and walk-ups for customers and lets the businesses create a digital queue to lessen their hassles.

It creates simple storefront posters to manage customers at the door, allows customers to check in for contact tracing, and lets you create a digital queue with a QR code that the users can use to join in.

The best part is that SocialQ users get to jump to the front of the queue. The whole thing is streamlined to achieve efficiency and responsiveness in all departments. Now, isn’t it beautiful?

  • Asana

Asana is an advanced organizer that channels our focus into productivity and keeps the users vigilant on their new plans and projects. 

It offers a helping hand in the daily chores of any growing business venture. You can view all of the projects in calendar/list/board view, with the ability to assign tasks with certain dates to numerous people on your team, all in one aesthetic, modern user interface. 

Do you want to upload files, link them to the projects or clients, or keep your eye on every update across email and messaging apps? You have all of that in Asana. Its thousandfold versatility makes the app a go-to project management tool over other competitors. 

They even have three plans: Basic for free (you know, to get a feel for it), Premium for $11 per month (if things get serious), and Business for $25 per month (time to commit yourself).

  • Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting was created by Kirk Simpson and James Lochrie because they felt frustrated by the sheer dearth of free, simple financial software that can actually benefit small businesses. 

It can connect multiple bank accounts, and credit cards help track income and expenditure by setting up profiles. It organizes payments and invoices to make the taxing process of tax-paying easy and assists in identifying cash flow trends.

The mobile app can scan receipts and sync them with your account later, even when offline. It’s completely free to use, offering supplementary paid services only if you want them. The paid services include accepting credit cards, bank payments, and payroll creation for employees and contractors. 

Softwares like these have definitely changed our perceptions about the future. The future seems to be already here. These use cases would have seemed unbelievable just two or three decades ago. But we can all be thankful that the softwares are already doing this much. And, it’s high time businesses invest in them for a better future. Better- not only for them, but for every consumer too.

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