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7 style tips for this summer

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Summer is fast approaching, and the wish to dress up even more than normal comes with the heat. We are mostly bundled up in warm clothes in winters, and there is little room for fashionable choices, so we all try to compensate for that in summers, don’t we all?

But summer also calls for choosing clothes carefully, or it becomes the reason for discomfort. So, let us look into some style tips we can use for the upcoming summer!

Wear airy clothes

Being comfortable and chic is the new trend. Earlier, people would swear by’ Fashion over comfort,’ but who says we can’t have them both? Comfort and fashion go hand in hand, especially in airy, spring-related clothes.

It is both practical and fashionable if we wear loose, airy clothes to remain as cool as possible for the summer. 

Incorporate hats

With the sweltering heat of the sun right above our heads, the only way to protect ourselves from a heat stroke – and at the same time not ruin our entire outfits – is to incorporate hats like wide-brim hats into your outfits. It looks very fashionable – hats are in trend nowadays too! – 

And it also has practical use, so consequently, it is loved by everyone!

Fabric selection

Summer is all about fashion and comfort. So whenever you are buying for summer, always make sure that the fabric is breathable. Wearing outfits of cotton is the best way possible. Cotton is the most preferred fabric because cotton is the most breathable material. And it is light and does not put weight on your body, so it is a win-win situation!

Pop with prints

Summers are all about colors. Having that pop of color on your outfit is all the rage in the fashion world. Opt for floral prints with bright colors or floral dresses with pastel tones over having darker clothes and fully covered sleeves. 

It is a proven fact that dark colors absorb a lot of heat compared to lighter colors. So if you wear dark colors like black or brownout in the heat, it will be more absorbent to heat and uncomfortable. 

Classic Wardrobe with Neutral Shade

Having a classic wardrobe is a style tip that never goes out of fashion – be it summer or winter. Invest your money in good quality basic aesthetic clothes which will never go out of style. We also call these evergreen clothes for the same reason. 

Opt for buying clothes in neutral tones, like having light brown colored pants or a white shirt. 

Invest in some good classic summer dresses, a pair of jeans, and a vibrant evening dress. 

We accept sometimes it’s hard to find neutral shades, so ditch the heat and try shopping online. You will get a lot of variation for women online clothing, and shopping online, especially during summer, is the best way to beat the heat. 

Ditch denim

Denim can be the bane of your existence in this heat!

Denim is one of the heaviest fabrics in the fashion industry. Wearing skinny jeans or stretchy jeans for prolonged periods in the hot sun can be uncomfortable. 

But if you are a denim lover and cannot live without one, go for wide-leg jeans. They allow some air to pass for air circulation. And if possible, try to choose light, soft-weight fabrics like lightweight cotton or opt for linen pants. 

Ditch shoes and opt for sandals

Let us ask you, if you had the choice to walk around aimlessly in the streets with a pair of shoes or sandals, what would you choose? Of course, the sandals! Shoes – couple that with a pair of socks! – is like a vessel of heat for your shoes in the summer.

The fabric of the shoes usually traps in an ample amount of heat, and after a point, we are certain you must have felt your shoes sizzling in the heat. So choose sandals over your cover shoes!

Ending Note

Now you have all the styling tips to make your summer more interesting and fashionable. But remember, fashion is all about your comfort and how you carry yourself. We have given various tips and tricks here that you can use in your summer days.

Try incorporating them but never stop trying something new as well. So experiment with your clothes and explore the fashion world!

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