6 Reasons you feel tired all the time


If you feel tired all the time, let me inform you- you’re not alone here, my friend. Our lifestyles have changed a lot from what they used to be. The world has now switched, and so have our lifestyles.

This change is not always comfortable. One of the most common factors people notice is how they always feel drained. So, if you’re one to detect signs of fatigue, it may be caused by many things. 

Degrading sleep quality

One of the primary reasons for waking up tired is not having a proper sleep. Good quality sleep helps you rejuvenate most of your energy. You might sleep on time, but you do not achieve that standard good night’s rest.

Instead, you may wake up in the middle of the night due to sleep apnea and not getting deep sleep. So, you can wake up feeling low and tired the next day. To help with such sleep disorders, there are sleep clinics where they can help diagnose your difficulty and help you with your sleeping disorders and snoring problems through their diagnosis and appliances so that you can have a good sleep without any anxiety. 

During my trip to Australia, I visited the Melbourne sleep clinic to consult about my sleeping disorders.

Medical conditions

Many medical conditions are directly linked to fatigue. So, your tiredness might be led by one of those. There are numerous medical conditions like anxiety, depression, anemia, liver problems, kidney problems, viral or bacterial infections, etc. So, if you’re feeling tired all the time, it is time for you to head out and get yourself checked out. You never know. 


Everybody has some things in their lives that they stress about. It might be a minor inconvenience for others, but it is a matter of stress for the person going through it. Let’s face it- telling someone to stop stressing does not help them stop worrying.

When your brain is muddled with thoughts, it tends to focus less on things and pays less attention to the daily activities, and you always end up feeling drained out. You have this constant flow of energy. Even when you sleep, your brain cannot fully rest and let go of your thoughts, adding to the tiredness.


We live a fast life where we need everything at the moment, and to achieve that, we go to lengths, but in that quest, we tend to forget what is before us, our health. Having a healthy and balanced diet is essential. You can feel tired because of some deficiency in your body, for which you might need to take a supplement. Or, it can cause by the intake of too much alcohol or caffeine or smoking cigarettes. 

Inactive lifestyle

Most of us have a desk job where we have to spend most of the day sitting on our chairs and becoming tired by the lights coming from the screen. Since we have a minimal amount of activity during the day, our bodies fail to have a proper metabolism that can relieve our bodies of physical stress.

It leads to jittery feelings and affects our sleep at the end of the day. When you do some strenuous physical activity during the day, your body feels more tired, due to which you have a deep sleep at night. However, our inactive lifestyle does not support that much, and we have trouble. 


Do you remember the human body figure from your childhood biology books that depicted our body’s water content? Yes, water is one of the essential elements needed to run our system.

Our body is a complex system where many activities are running, helping to do our day-to-day work. For each one of those, our body needs water. So, if we’re dehydrated, our bodies cannot function properly. We already lose much of our water intake through sweat, tears, urine, etc. So, it is essential to keep replenishing that. Otherwise, we end up feeling tired and irritated. 

Any number of reasons can be responsible for you to feel tired all the time. However, it is essential to recognize that you feel tired all the time and amend your lifestyle in a way that helps you overcome your flaws. See a professional if you feel necessary but do not take it lightly.

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