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Toy Ideas for Your Children in 2023

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As technology continues to evolve, toys have become increasingly sophisticated. In 2023, there are a myriad of amazing high-tech toys available for children of all ages. From interactive robots to remote-controlled vehicles, these innovative toys will provide endless hours of entertainment and learning for your kids. However, this doesn’t mean that the classics aren’t enjoyed by children. Here are some toys that children will love this year!


It might be basic and it might not be new, but kids in 2023 still love playing with slime. It’s fun to play with, it’s a great sensory experience, and you can make lots of different colours and textures for your little one to enjoy. Keycraft Australia and other reliable companies have lots of safe and non-toxic slime for your children to enjoy.

3D Printer

This year, 3D printers are all the rage and your kids will be begging to get their hands on one. With a 3D printer, they can design almost anything from toys, accessories, school projects and more. You can find a variety of 3D printers on Amazon or other online retailers, depending on your budget.


Robots are no longer just for adults, as there are many kid-friendly robots available right now. Take the Botzees robot blocks, for example – they allow children to build and program their own robots.


Returning to a classic toy, puppets are a wonderful way to nurture your children’s imagination. They can put on puppet shows for the whole family or even use them for educational purposes. There are many different types of puppets available, from hand puppets to finger puppets and more – and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Craft Supplies

Crafts have come a long way since the days of crayons and markers. Now, you can get your kids craft supplies that are non-toxic and made with natural materials. A great option is Aquabeads – they’re a hit among young children as they use water to shape the beads into various creations. Other craft supplies to consider include air-dry clay, fabric markers, and stamp kits.

Fossil Digs

Fossil digs are always a hit with kids – and they can be educational too. Look for kits that come with tools, fossils, and magnifying lenses. These will help your children to explore the remnants of life from hundreds or thousands of years ago, helping them to learn about geology and the earth’s history.

Animals and Dinosaurs

Animals and dinosaurs are a classic childhood favourite, and they offer plenty of imaginative play opportunities. Look for toys that have realistic features, like fur or scales, to ensure your children get the best experience when playing with them. You can also find interactive animal kits, like those that allow kids to build their robotic pets.

Children’s Watches

Most kids these days have their own phones, but why not give them something a bit more special? In 2023, there are plenty of children’s watches available that have some cool features like GPS tracking and downloadable games. Your child will feel grown-up and independent with their very own device, while still offering features that allow them to be kids.


Finally, slinkys are still a timeless classic. For 2023, you can find ones with brilliant colours, durable materials, and unique designs that will last your child for years to come. They’re great to get your child moving (they’ll be running up and down the stairs all day!) and help promote coordination in children of all ages. With its simple design and classic shape, the slinky is sure to bring hours of fun.

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