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6 Career Building Courses For New Graduates In 2022

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The job market in today’s world is very dynamic, with constant upgrades and changes in almost every industry.

In Australia, for example, the employment to population ratio is at 63.8%. Moreover, with the cut-throat competition in every profession, it can become very difficult for new graduates to understand which stream to pursue.

If you are a graduate, fresh out of your university, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and confused. Here are 6 career-building short courses you can pursue this year.

  1. Business analytics

If you are an analytics aspirant, a short-term course in business analytics might just be the right path for you! Most of these courses come with over 100 hours of training and many case studies or live projects.

With a good amount of hands-on experience, you will learn new things like statistics and optimization, machine learning, predictive modeling, and business problem-solving. You can even apply for job positions like business analytics, data analytics, or other managerial positions in top firms.

  1. Digital marketing

Digital marketing has become a rage nowadays, with most businesses shifting to the internet to sell their products.

This field basically requires you to promote and sell goods through social media or other online platforms. If you feel you’ve got the skills to market things, you can definitely pursue a short course in digital marketing.

Here, you will learn about search engine optimization, web analytics, content marketing, and social media marketing. An average course in digital marketing ranges from just a few weeks to an entire year, so depending on your time, you can opt for either.

  1. Full-stack development

Full-stack development courses are now becoming every graduate’s favorite because most of these courses can guarantee you a good job placement afterwards. You can opt for entry-level software roles or go for something a little more complex.

You will learn about coding fundamentals here, along with MERN stack skills and creating rich backend APIs or web UIs. The best part about full-stack development courses is that you get a lot of practical exposure to prepare you for the real job scenario.

  1. PMP certification

PMP or Project Management Professional certification is another good course. Many courses New Zealand focus on the management skills of individuals and in order to have the proper skills, a course in PMP certification can give you an upper hand. It proves that you have the skills that employees look for in a leader.

Through PMP certification, you will learn how to improve your organization’s impact on the industry and also around the world by promoting business relations.

  1. Mobile app development

Is there anything that we don’t have an app for? From maps to songs, play stores are filled with apps of every kind. If you’re interested in developing an app of your own, why not pursue a short course in it?

Mobile app development courses are extremely necessary for every graduate since there’s an increasing reliance on technology.

You can explore the world of software development, mobile app development, app safety, OS multimedia, and app functionality. An average mobile app development course ranges from about a week to 2 years.

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  1. Product management

The demand for product managers has increased in the past few years. Since this is a relatively new field, you can find quite a few courses for graduates.

Any company will require product managers to test the efficacy and safety of their products before selling them. This is just what you’ll learn in a typical product management course.

Most of them are about 5 to 6 months long and you understand the basics of how a business works. What’s more, you get to work with some of the top brands all over the world and there’s also a good guarantee of getting placed in a good company.

Over to you…

It’s always a good idea to first pursue a career-building course before joining a full-time job. Not only will you get more experience and exposure but you’ll have the security of bagging a high-paying job. Through job-oriented short courses, you can develop your skills better and improve continuously.

The hands-on knowledge provided by all these courses will help you solve any kind of problem once you get a job. So choose a course based on your interests and pursue it sincerely.

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