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Mini Round Baler

Mini round baler is used to make huge, round bales of grass or chaff. Hay is a kind of livestock food made up of dried, flattened plants, and branches of small grain crops like wheat or oats. The mini round baler is used for bedding or as an element of cattle feed.

Mini round bales are effective for larger livestock farms. The grass or straw is packed much more tightly than small square bundles, and also they will shed rain while in the field. A mini round baler is pulled behind a tractor through a field of grass or straw that has been cut and collected into smaller parts. 

As the baler travels, a pickup instrument on the front of the machine pulls the grass into the machine. Inside the baler, there is a chain of rollers and belts that tightly rolls the plant material.

The bale gets larger and larger as more grass or straw enters the machine. Once the bale is enfolded, the baler opens up, and the finished bale rolls out from the back of the machine.

Mini roll round hay baler is generally collected up into bales and stored for the animals to eat during the winter when the grass is not growing. It is also an emerging product for the farmers and is now available on Alibaba.

It weighs 425kgs and is available in green color. It has a compact and powerful structure. Usually used in a small field, the bundles are easy to carry for this baler.  

An automatic hay baler machine is a new twin baler machine that is designed to bind all kinds of hay or straw. This baler machine comes in two different models that weigh 402 and 442kgs. It will compress all the waste in an organized form. 

The powerful electronic system is equipped with the baler to perform various tasks efficiently. They are used in other sectors as well where ever is a need for rolling and stacking. So, get your hands on this high-end technology to make your field more attractive. Alibaba cares about the experience of each customer and serves you enthusiastically. 

You can visit the website by downloading this app. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can also get a free return policy. Alibaba has released its large collection in the mini round baler category. Grab your desired one, and choose according to your need.

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