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5 Fun Things You Will Enjoy In Escape Rooms

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So, what’s an escape room?

Escape rooms have definitely been around since like 2010, but they’ve grown more popular recently because of the pandemic and everyone started wandering around the internet for things to do. An escape room is a 60-minute real life adventure simulation game. The main goal of an escape room is to get outside within the time limit. 

There are multiple themes to choose from depending on your preference. In room escape sydney they have a virtual experience for your escape room journey. If you’re into Alice in Wonderland or perhaps you’re more of a zombie apocalypse fan, there’s surely an escape room for you.

Now that you’re hooked, here’s 5 Fun Things You Will Enjoy In Escape Rooms:

1. Being The Next Sherlock Holmes

Ever since you were a kid, you always loved solving puzzles and riddles, thinking how to put pieces together to create that perfect picture, the thrilling back and forth of mystery novels, and the excitement of mystery films.

Now, you get to enjoy all these activities. And you know what’s better? Playing with a team of course! So, invite your friends, loved ones, or family and put your thinking caps on, test your detective skills, and who knows, you might just be the next Sherlock Holmes.

2. Thinking Outside The Box

Can you make it out alive Sherlock? Have you checked anything that might be suspicious? Did you recheck them? How about that painting? Is there something behind it? In an escape room, always expect the unexpected, the clues might always be under your noses without you knowing, and this is where the fun comes in! Whether you need to solve a murder case, or just trapped by kidnappers or you’re with a killer clown that’s after you, there’s always something to expect and you need to decode, analyze, and think, think, think, to get out!

But of course, don’t forget to have fun.

3. Discovering New Things, and Ideas

Did you know who Sherlock Holmes’ arch nemesis was? You’re right, it was Moriarty of course. But Sherlock didn’t know this at first, and that’s one of the few wonders an escape room has! Even if you’re the cream of the crop, or the child prodigy, you still get to learn new things everyday especially inside an escape room!

After tweaking lots of things, or figuring out how things work, when you’re in an escape room, practically everything is new! Test your knowledge with your friends and see if this leads you out of the room.

4. Enhancing Communication And Collaboration

As they say, no man is an island, and even Sherlock Holmes has an assistant (you know the guy, Dr. Watson). So, talk to your team if they have any idea or if you’re going in as a duo, talk to each other! You know what they say, great minds think alike, and it’s more fun and sweeter if you have someone to work with to get through the escape room, or perhaps stay trapped there, the choice is yours!

5. If Numbers One To Five Don’t Work, Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

So, you’re down to your last 5 minutes, but hey a “Eureka” moment always comes in late! Even if you didn’t escape, or you did, the experience has surely brought you and your team closer to each other and it’s still a remarkable experience for all. Just remember, working with each other has breakthroughs and if you don’t, at least you have each other.

These are just 5 of the fun, exciting, and remarkable experiences that take you inside! We’ll see you at your nearest Escape Room and prepare for an adventure that’s surely memorable! So, what are you waiting for? Wow your friends and family and book at your nearest escape room now!

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