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Overcoming Drug Addiction Alone

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Have you ever heard of someone who overcame their addiction alone? Hardly one or two, or maybe no one. It is because addiction is not just a bad habit that one can overcome after being strict to himself for a few days.

Addiction is a chronic disease that one can never beat without having long-term, evidence-based treatment and solid emotional support.

However, it is natural among addicts that they try to hide their addiction and associated problems from others, even their family members. However, if someone wants to overcome addiction, they can’t do it unless they start receiving a proper guide for the treatment. 

Difference Between Overcoming Addiction In Isolation and With Social Support

Many people want to solve their problems singlehandedly. They don’t like to share their personal problems with others. Most often, they are afraid of being judged or misunderstood by the listener.

Similarly, addicts who developed addiction have been facing either financial or emotional problems that they don’t discuss with others. They are certainly going through a trauma yet don’t talk about it openly.

Only a few among them can cope with these situations alone. However, the rest, even they don’t like it, can’t overcome their addiction without asking for someone’s help. Furthermore, the chances of relapses, facing severe withdrawal symptoms, and depression or irritability due to loneliness also increase with the lack of support.

Contrary to this, if you have someone stand by your side throughout your road to achieving sobriety, it becomes much easier to overcome any addiction.

Treatment Options For Addiction

As we said earlier, overcoming drug addiction alone poses some serious risks and is not much effective; one must go for evidence-based practices to beat addiction.

Several programs are available in the rehab centers that you can choose from based upon your convenience and satisfaction. They can either be spiritual or scientific-based. There can also be inpatient and outpatient programs in most rehab centers. If the patient is a severe addict and would only do better with complete isolation from their environment, choosing inpatient programs would be better. However, if the patient is adamant about being close to their support system during the transition, opting for outpatient programs would work well. These centers offer various medications and programs that could well assist you in your recovery journey as per the need.

You can find such centers easily online these days as per your location. For example, you can simply search for suboxone Daytona Beach in case you are looking for that particular treatment option to overcome opioid dependency and are based in that city. Meanwhile, there are virtual consultations online available and they would prescribe what’s best for you. If you’re curious you may actually research some prescriptions like what is Zubsolv used for.

The most common treatments provided to drug abusers or alcoholics include:

12-step Addiction Recovery

Ibogaine Therapy


Group therapies

SMART Recovery

Dual Diagnosis treatment

Above all, you have dedication and consistency in your behavior to continue with these treatments as they are for the long term, like Ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico.

Having said that does not mean these therapies alone are enough to help you accomplish the goal. There are a few more healthy practices you should adopt as a part of the post-rehab program. These will help you maintain your sobriety for the long term.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Stress is likely a triggering factor for drug abuse. Therefore, it’s important to manage your stress and avoid such company or things that are not good for your mental health.

Balanced Diet and Exercise

Besides mental health, physical health also impacts your cravings for drugs. Therefore, you must keep a check on your diet. Try to reduce the consumption of junk food, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol. Instead, add healthy and nutritious food to your diet. Some light exercises in routine are also good for health.


Being alone doesn’t mean you won’t have anything to do. You can adopt some good hobbies to keep you busy during your spare time.

Why Is External Support Needed?

Whenever a person is going through hard times, a few kind words, a shoulder to cry on, or a smile can motivate them to overcome their problems. Similarly, achieving sobriety and abstinence is possible when you have support to back you up while losing hope.

A person who is hurting himself with substance abuse knows all the consequences. Despite knowing them well, he can’t stop himself sometimes because he could not find a reason to do so.

In such a condition, when an addict comes to know that his action is not only damaging his health but causing pain to someone he loved, it gives him the strength to overcome his addiction.

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