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Tiktok ignites Tiktok Trends US program

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To provide marketers with new knowledge and valuable tools of new age communication, Tiktok starts a program called Tiktok Trends with nationwide scale.

This program contains series of events and useful materials. Along with starting this program, Tiktok premiered Tiktok Trends Creator Academy, be the strategic partner with US digital communication association, empower its role in create an environment for conten creators to develop.

Tiktok trends

Last October, Tiktok – top short videos platform, officially ignites its Tiktok Trends program in US. The program with North America Area scale is promising in giving valuable info for brands and marketing industry about how to use Tiktok as a effective channel in their marketing strategy.

With the main users are aged in gen z and millennials, Tiktok is a place for brands to connect with consumers easily and interestingly, right on their smart phone.

In this event, marketers have new and deep point of view, then equip themself to make right business decision. The program includes series of events and monthly issues: tiktok trends event, tiktok trends news, tiktok trends marketing material, tiktok trends creator academy.

Tiktok Trends Event: is a series of arena events hold by Tiktok. This event is made for meetup, connect and networking of digital marketing experts. Experts share valuable knowledge, new point of view and new marketing trends in short videos field and update newst tools released by Tiktok.

Tiktok Trends News: release monthly issue about updating new trends and marketing orientation, digital communication, with mass culture phenomeno in US and North America. Newsletter also shares some know-hows references for brands to integrate their branding strategy with help of Tiktok in their marketing camps. With indicators and real case studies, regularly updated tools.

Tiktok Trends Marketing Material: is a material supplied for readers the way to optimize how to market entertainment products like movies, music… From general view in the  entertainment industries and realistic experience from the previous entertainment marketing camps.

This material will bring marketers the deep look about Tiktok – the potential advertising platform, where brands can exploite to create campaigns that have broad effect all over nation and North America area.

Tiktok Trends and sharing about new age of Content Creation

In this event, Tiktok organized a talk show with presence of experts from digital marketing industry, especially in social media like FirstCom, The Purpose Group, WPP, McDonald, Pepsi… US Mobile marketing association.

The talk show brings to the audience valuable knowledge about short videos field, update new trends of short videos, and claim the role of Tiktok in redefine communication, advertising in the digital age.

“Nowadays, smart phone is the basic mean for every one to access information. Pushed by the development of mobile phone, watching short videos is a new way of enterment, study, update new info and trends effectively.

The amount of short videos consumption is growing rapidly in US and North America area, especially among gen Z youngsters. This age group own the smart phone up to 98%”, said Ms. Jennie, Marketing Director, Tiktok US.

Tiktok Trends Creator Academy – push the development of the creative economy

In the agenda of Tiktok Trends program, Tiktok starts Tiktok Trends Creator Academy – series of seminars, classes, sharing sessions, talk shows in the favor of creating a place for Content Creators to develop, guide them how to make creative marketing content and inspire people on Tiktok, based on cooperating with multi channel networks. This program is a way Tiktok help connecting the content creation network of this area.

Tiktok Trends Creator Academy is one of the most activity of Tiktok, contribute a lot to development of the industry and content creation industry in US. The program will be a good playground, enable content creators to develop and encourage potential ones to join Tiktok community, to reach higher in their career.

In the Tiktok Trends Creator Academy Premiere Ceremony, Tiktok signs strategic agreement with US digital communication associaltion, with desire to connect, contribute to the develop of creative economy in US.

To speak about the ceremony, Mr. James, Policy Direct, Tiktok US believes the program will be essential in connecting content creators, enable them to create their own community. Especially Tiktok Trends Creator Academy will be an incubator and inspire for new age content creators, then reach out to the world.

Tiktok Trends is a good opportunity for SMEs to promote their brands to potential customers. That’s why you can buy a verified tiktok account to start from now.

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