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Why Gift Cards Are the Best Customer Rewards

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Once you have set up your repair store (with efficient cell phone repair shop software), it’s time to get your customers coming into your store.

You have been vigorously advertising your shop and creating massive brand awareness to drive customer traffic to your business. Once these customers come in, you’d want to retain these new and existing customers. So what’s the best way to do that?

You got it right, building a customer loyalty program. But how would you do that?

Numerous researches corroborate that acquiring a new customer is six to seven times more expensive than an existing. So what’s the best way to retain your existing customer? You’re right again: By offering gift cards to increase customer loyalty.

Many surveys from customers confirm that gift cards are a preferred type of incentive. And logically, if you will reward your customers with what they like, they will come back for more. This means that you are meeting your customers’ expectations, consequently rendering excellent marketing service.

This article will discuss how offering gift cards to your customers will boost their loyalty to your repair shop.

Introduce a Customer Loyalty Program

Making gift cards part of your customer loyalty program is a great idea to retain your customers. One way to go about it is you can give gift cards to your customers on their birthdays. Great idea, right?

To budget your gift cards, think about the number of people you have in your customer loyalty program and the amount of money off a purchase you could comfortably provide to each of them.

If your repair store has an app, you can offer these gift cards from your app – egift cards. Or, if you have a cell phone repair shop software, you can offer through it as well. This provides an incentive at your customers’ fingertips, which entails more purchases from them.

Partner With Other Companies

Being a brick-and-mortar repair store, you’d know of so many businesses offering the same products like yours or offering the same services. By collaborating with a systematic this, you can utilize gift vouchers to help every business while expanding client steadfastness.

Most business owners agree that partnering with complementary businesses can help to widen the services and/or products you offer to your customers. This eventually results in a win-win for all parties involved: increased sales for the business and discounted prices for your customers.

Have a Seasonal Approach

What springs to your mind when you think of gift cards? The holiday or the last-minute shopping spree, right?

So it should not come as a surprise that more and more retailers are incorporating gift cards into their holiday strategies. This is because it can help boost customer engagement and loyalty. You can also incentivize your customers by giving them the chance to come in on specific days.

For example, give a Black Friday-specific gift card with every purchase during that time frame so people will stay away from competitors’ stores and only buy what you offer! You can also offer a buy-one-get-one-free offer to your customers, so they keep coming back for more.

Gift Cards With Discount

Gift cards are very attractive, and when you offer gift cards with discounts, they are impossible to ignore. In addition, many businesses have used gift cards as an incentive for sellers to spend their money in-store, as they get more in-store credit than they would in cash.

For your repair store’s customers, you can keep a record of gift cards to your customers in a cell phone repair shop software.

You could also offer an extra 15-20% off your products or services if the customer uses their gift card at a physical store versus online.

As a Response to Customer Complaint

When a customer returns to your repair store and complains about any service you have given, it is an excellent idea to compensate them with a gift card. With a gift card, you can show your appreciation for their business by fixing the problem quickly and efficiently.

When you make your customer’s voices heard, they will be more loyal to the brand. When a company acknowledges their customers and puts value in what those individuals say or do not just listen but also think about how it can help them grow, success awaits!

Gift Cards in a Social Media Contest

We all know those posts on Instagram or other social media platforms where you are offered a reward if you’ll tag your friends and family.

Even though chances are thin of winning those, there is still an inkling of hope of winning one. This strategy clearly resounds well with customers, and web-based media challenges and giveaways can be effortlessly executed with gift cards.

After you at first advance the challenge, be certain you stay dynamic on your online media stages. If someone responds with a complaint, always respond with a egift card.

Your repair shop software will do a great job in maintaining a record of gift cards in the. This confirms one thing; a repair store without POS software is a boat without a rudder. 

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