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Using Video Marketing to Improve Engagement

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To make sure that everyone is on the same page, let’s start from the very beginning by answering the question, “What is engagement exactly from the marketing perspective?” 

Put simply, engagement is the interaction among people on different social media with the help of content they post. Facebook, Instagram, and other similar media are called social for a reason, meaning that the key feature they offer to users is two-way communication.

For example, after posting something on your Facebook page, for sure you are looking forward to likes, comments, discussions and shares. And this is precisely what engagement is about. Whereas for personal pages good engagement is, no doubt, a nice and pleasant thing to have, for a business page it is a must.

There is a close correlation between a high engagement rate and a high conversion rate, which is one of the main objectives of any brand running a digital media campaign, because conversion potentially leads to better lead generation and increased sales.

Given its importance, a growing number of studies and surveys have been carried out globally to find the most efficient ways of engaging the target audience on social media. However, for the purpose of this article, we’ve chosen to put video in the spotlight. So, let’s get started.

Why Video?

Firstly, social media platforms and video content go together like bread and butter. Indeed, Instagram and Facebook, not to mention TikTok, have been designed in an extremely video-friendly way. 

Secondly, modern people in their everyday life face so much information of all possible kinds, both vital and at times irrelevant, that as a rule they can’t process all of it. Visual information is perceived much faster and easier, which makes it a perfect means of communication for a growing number of users. It is the combination of these two factors that makes video a perfect marketing technique for digital channels.

Video Marketing

How to Start?

The quality of your video content isn’t subject to any compromise! Every social platform is already overloaded with millions of various videos, and considering an extremely high competition level, your video should be of unprecedented quality to stand out among the posts rendered by your rivals. 

Now, let’s move to the next question, “How can I make sure my video content is of top-drawer quality?” There are two solutions to this issue. First, you can create videos with the help of your own resources. The pros of this method are obvious: you are creating unique content tailored precisely to meet your objectives. Yet, the cons are apparent, too: video production is a complex and time-consuming process. It’s not enough to know how to blur background in a clip. Video making process requires much more than that. 

The second option is we encourage you to hire freelance video-makers. Ask your friends if they know anyone who generates videos. Alternatively, use freelance platforms to find one. You don’t need to hire pricey experts at the start. Cooperating with ambitious amateurs can reap better results and help you build a good rapport with them, becoming a full-fledged team. 

Be Compelling

As a business owner, you are the most interested in making your brand thrive. One of the crucial keys to your company’s success story lies in an efficient and effective digital video marketing campaign. Video is a fantastic way to show your passion for your brand, your company’s mission and values, and why they are so important to you and your team. Speak to users’ emotions, not their rational minds.

If you manage to utilize compelling videos that appeal to the target audience’s emotions, it’s already a big success. Unless you run a niche business, you have numerous competitors, which means that your potential customers have a wide selection of products and services. In this situation, a positive emotion-laden video message resonating with the client most likely will be the ground for the user to make up their mind in favor of your brand. And as experts say, this margin is often a very narrow one.

Engage, Engage and Engage!

Sounds like a pun, but it really works. If your followers can’t decide what to do themselves, you can always push them a little in the right direction. The recipe is very simple: make sure that in your videos you use active phrases and words prompting your users into some interactions.

For example, “And what do you think about it? Let me know in the comments,” “Which variant do you like better?”, “Looking forward to your questions and feedback” etc. Another efficient method of directly engaging the audience via video content is various Q&A sessions, opinion polls, and of course giveaways and contests. 

Will It Really Help? 

We’ve collected the tips based on experience and feedback from trusted marketing practitioners. And though no one will give you any guarantees, we firmly believe that this information will come in very handy for you.

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