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Benefits of Making Facebook Videos for Business Enhancement

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You’re more likely to be known for your social media marketing prowess than your business acumen in today’s world. It’s so easy to get catchy Facebook videos, Instagram memes, and YouTube clips that people tend to overlook the importance of the written word.

But this isn’t necessarily a problem; in many ways, it can be quite beneficial. Research has found that when businesses engage with their audience through social media, they are more likely to make sales or acquire new customers than their counterparts who only use traditional print advertising methods.

To benefit from this hard evidence, you need an even clearer plan to promote your business using social media. Here are described some benefits you can have from making Facebook videos for business marketing.

  • Visuals are remembered more effectively than text

That’s why 90% of the information transmitted to our brains is visual. On top of that, visual content is more likely to be shared and thus seen by even more people. You can also Buy Facebook Video Views as it will prove very beneficial for you.

  • Videos can play on autoplay

There’s a reason why auto-play videos are so common on Facebook. Videos entice people to stick around and watch, even if they didn’t mean to click on them in the first place. Try tackling a specific question with a short video that includes some graphics and images thrown in for good measure.

  • Videos can convey a personal touch

People like to have a one-on-one conversation with the companies they do business with, and an effective video can help them feel like they’re having that conversation. Just be sure to avoid any jargon and speak in layman’s terms; if you don’t speak your market’s language, it’s a sure bet that they won’t either.

  • Videos are easy to share

It’s even easier to go viral on social media nowadays. Still, far more importantly, it’s easier than ever just to share something with friends and family you think will find it interesting. Your videos can go far if you get enough people sharing them on Facebook or Pinterest.

  • Videos can potentially advertise products

If you make a video explaining how your product works or what sets it apart from others, it’s much easier to incorporate several short clips into the overall video. If people like what they see, they’re more likely to buy. The same goes for your service or product that you’re trying to advertise.

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  • Videos have a longer shelf life and therefore keep viewers interested

This is one of the most important ones; videos only last for a few seconds, and there are only so many views that people will give a video before it simply gets skipped over by their feed on Facebook and Twitter. While you might have only a few seconds to grab their attention, it’s likely that by the time they’ve watched the whole thing, they’ll want to watch it again.

  • Videos can be used for landing page conversion

A one-liner and a thumbnail image alone might get you more shares on Facebook, but that doesn’t do much if all it is is a one-liner and an image. A developer can use video to help generate more downloads and increase the amount of time people spend on their landing pages.

  • Videos can be used to introduce a new product

Creating a video that explains what the product does or how it works can help create brand awareness and sway viewers who aren’t necessarily buying yet. You can even use this to sell the weaknesses of your competitors, thus increasing your popularity in the process.

  • Videos are more likely to convert than written content

A recent study found that when people read about a particular product, only 10% of them buy it. Still, when that same information is presented visually through a video, that figure jumps up to 20%. What does this mean? You should produce videos if you’re trying to increase sales because they’re more likely to turn those sales into purchases.

  • Videos are better for creating viral content

If you’re looking for a way to get more views on your Facebook page or share your videos a little more freely, using the hashtag #video when posting your videos is an excellent way to get the ball rolling. You can also include a link to a video that you’ve made in your status updates by adding something like this:

For any online marketers just beginning their journey into social media marketing, it’s important to consider all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Having multiple platforms allows you to reach audiences who might not be interested in any one platform and increases the potential of having conversions.

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