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What Makes Dcenti Wheels so Popular and Which Are Their Latest Models?

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Dcenti Wheels have been widely discussed over the last decade or so. 

Although the company started operations in 2001, it has taken them several years of continuous efforts, both on and off the factory floors, to gain a steady reputation not only in the United States but over the world. 

They are currently one of the major suppliers of premium aftermarket rims for luxury vehicles, although they also compete with Road Force Wheels and Fuel Wheels in the SUV and 4×4 segments. Dcenti is one of the few mainstream brands which has a dedicated range for heavier vehicles including pick-up trucks, sports trucks, and ATVs. 

One aspect that works in favor of the brand is its relatively low-profile mode of operations. Make no mistake; they are pretty famous in aftermarket circles. But when it comes to the entire market of rims, they certainly lag behind brands like American Racing and Enkei.

This relative obscurity would have been a weakness of other brands but Dcenti Wheels has turned that logic on its head. For instance, if you are looking for a set of new F 150 Wheels and your local retailer insists that you take a look at what Dcenti has to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that their models for such heavy vehicles are as good as those made by more popular brands!

Let’s have a quick look at Dcenti before we move on to the best brands you can buy currently.

Where are Dcenti Wheels manufactured?

There are several sources on the Internet which claim that these wheels are made in the United States. That’s patently false. The truth is that these rims are made in China and are exported to the US and Europe, besides most of the bigger markets in Asia and Africa.

Make no mistake about their quality assurance, however. These are high-end branded rims which are manufactured using casting and free forming technologies. Just like Road Force Wheels, these rims have to pass several rounds of quality checks before they can enter the American market.

Like other manufacturers, Dcenti uses the finest grade of aluminum available. They have partnerships with the world’s largest suppliers of 6061-T6 grade aluminum which is an avionics-grade metal that has enormous tensile strength and makes for much lighter rims.

Why should I buy Dcenti Wheels?

There are several reasons to answer this question. However, the top 3 are the following:

  • Premium build quality with off-road capabilities: Unlike most F 150 Wheels you can purchase, these wheels are ideal for turning heads and taking on the worst terrains- all too easily. Dcenti has mastered the art of manufacturing rims that look superlative and adds that extra dash of spunk to your vehicle once you replace the OEM rims with their latest models.

Unfortunately, most showy models tend to be a bit weaker in construction and cannot take on harsh terrain. Dcenti has ensured that you can use extremely sporty and absolutely fabulous models which will also help you go off-roading.

  • A wide range of models: Similar to Road Force Wheels, Ferrada and TSW rims, Dcenti spellbinds its clients with an array of models that can only be described as snazzy! Rims are available from diameters starting at 17-inches and going up to 30-inches. This means that regardless of the vehicle you are driving, you will find quite a few rims which will fit perfectly.

Style and aesthetics are subjective and it is up to you to choose the color and finish. For the technical aspects, you will find excellent advice from established retailers like Audio City USA of California and other trusted retail outlets.

All of these outlets have engaging and interactive websites where you need to type in a few details about your vehicle. That’s about it; you will have then all the latest and most popular Dcenti rims available with a single click!

  • Relatively inexpensive: Since Dcenti is well-known as a manufacturer which caters to the most expensive passenger cars, clients are often convinced that they will be as expensive as models from Vossen, Konig, or American Racing- all companies which target high-end cars.

That is a misconception, however. Dcenti Wheels have managed to maintain that elusive sweet spot where quality and affordability converge!

Even when you are buying the latest models of heavy-duty F 150 Wheels, you will be surprised at the affordability of the biggest and baddest Dcenti models!

This point remains one of the biggest draws for the company!

Which are 2022’s best models?

Dcenti refreshes its product range across the board by launching several new models every year.

The top 2 models of 2022 are:

Dcenti Racing DCTL006-R:

Recently released in a stunning red finish, this one-piece high-grade powder-finished model is awe-inspiring. Available only in a 17-inch model as of now. 

Dcenti Racing DCTL006-M:

Another stunning 10-spoke rim with exposed lugs, this is aimed at premium and 4-WD vehicles. Surprisingly lightweight as well!

Finally, always purchase branded products from established retailers only. The same applies to Dcenti Wheels as well. 

Safe travels!

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