What are the Different Types of SEO? {Quick Guide for Beginners 2020}


In this article, you will get in-depth knowledge about the different types of SEO. Further important tips that are required to rank a website on the search engine.

Before going towards the types of SEO, let’s take a short look of What is SEO?

What is SEO?

The method of implementing different techniques and strategies to rank a website on the search engine is called an SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO generates leads and allows us to get a huge amount of traffic “Naturally” and “Organically”.

The famous search engines are Google and Bing. According to Statista: last year Google reach a 259 million U.S. unique visitors.

Types of SEO

There are three important types of SEO that can accelerate your website ranking are: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

SEO is a complex task and required a lot of effort. By dividing it into three categories it becomes easier for us to SEO optimize our website easily and conveniently.

In this article, you are able to read the Important SEO types and tips to implement it.

1. Technical SEO

This is a first step towards the SEO in which we can perform a speed optimize of the website and make easier for crawlers to crawl the website without any problems.

A Technical SEO involves technical parameters of the website, which means the process of making the website visibility easier to understand for the Search engine and user also.

The Following factors include in the technical SEO

  • Setup and Optimize a Robots.txt file for better crawling of Pages and Posts.
  • Attach a website with a Google Search Console for faster indexing of Pages.
  • Generate a Sitemap of the website and submit it in the Search Console.
  • Use the Search Console Coverage Report to fix the crawling issues.
  • To save a website from malware attacks, make sure to attach an SSL.
  • Install a Theme SEO friendly and responsive. ( that means easily manage according to all screens.)
  • Site architecture to improve the visibility
  • Structured data

2. ON-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the most important type of SEO relates to a content-based strategies. In On page SEO we will explain Google about what type of content we will publish and on which keywords we want to rank our website.

Important Guidelines of On-Page SEO are:

  • Keyword Research

One thing to keep in mind before writing a content must do keyword research first. Keyword research is a method of searching the relevant keywords that is low in competition and have high search volume.

I’m sure you’re are a little bit confused, thinking about how to do worth keyword research and what tools to use. Then no need to take tension about it, I have written an article on Top Free keyword research tools you need to know.

  • SEO Optimized Heading

Heading is the first impression of the post which attracts the visitors to click on it. Make an attractive and catchy heading contain a focus keyword.

For example: My article focus keyword is “Ping Submission Sites“. To make it attractive I will add some catchy words around it “Top 10 Ping Submission Sites List for Faster Indexing in Search Engine”. I hope you get this point.

  • Image Optimization

Images affect a loading time and use an image that has a size is 100kb to 150kb Maximum. Set the dimensions 1200 Heigh by 800 width. Add copyrights free images on the website. You can download copyright-free relevant images from the pixabay, pexels, and unsplash.

Online Tool to Compress an Image is Tinyjpg.

  • URL Structure

Always put just a focus keyword in the URL. The websites that make use of focus keyword in the URL get more priority to rank higher on Google.

For your convenience, Let me explain with an example:

Types of SEO

Recently I wrote an article with a title: “How to start a WordPress Blog: 5 Steps to Follow”. But my focus keyword is just a “How to Start a WordPress Blog“.

Now the main thing is to understand here is, I just put a focus keyword in the URL.

  • Write SEO Optimized Content

A Quality and Engaging content with an usage of focus and secondary keywords in the article has more chances to get a lot of traffic.

How to write SEO optimized content?

It’s really simple you just need a little bit of attention. Add your focus keyword in the first paragraph and on each 150 words you must add your focus keyword at once. Further also use secondary and long-tail keywords in your article.

Write a research-based, informative, and long content with minimum words of 700. Make sure don’t low the quality of your content for the purpose of writing long content. Google likes a long and Quality content.

  • Meta Description

Meta Description is a content of upto 160 characters that is used by Google to show in the search engine.

Different Types of SEO

The Line”Looking for small business ideas in Pakistan……………Businesses you can” is a meta description.

3. OFF Page SEO

The working performed outside the website for the purpose of getting the backlinks is called OFF Page SEO. OFF page SEO is the best way to increase the authority of the website and get a rapid ranking on the search engine.

OFF Page SEO process is also called a link building & the factors that are included in it are Guest Posting, Profile Creation, Classified Ads, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, and PBN’s etc.

Wrapping UP

These are the major types of SEO by implementing which you can view your website graph in the upward direction in a short time. If you want to become a successful personality in SEO the following thing must you have are: Patients, commitment, and hard work.

“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

~ Colin Powell, former U.S. Defense Secretary

Good Luck👍


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